Kentucky State International Students' Association

International Students’ Association Constitution (Approved on March 25, 2010)

Introduction: The organization was founded in 1987 and shall be called International Students’ Association (I.S.A). It is an organization under Kentucky State University and is subject to Kentucky State University rules as indicated in the Student Handbook.

Goal: To educate and bring awareness of our increasingly diverse cultures, customs and nationalities here at Kentucky State University and around the greater Frankfort community.
Motto: The World Under One Umbrella
Election: Election will be held during the last meeting of the year. Another member must nominate a member. When nominations are over, all nominated members shall leave the room and the rest of the members will vote.
Impeachment: In the event that an officer cannot or does not perform his/her duty, the officer in question will leave the room and the members will vote on whether the officer shall remain in the position. The officer in question shall have an opportunity to say a few words before the voting takes place.
If the president cannot or does not perform his/her duty and he/she is impeached, the vice president will automatically assume the position of the president and the members will vote in a new vice president. The voting process shall be the same for everyone by show of hands and also by majority.

Article I: Executives

All executive members are expected to be present at all meetings unless under extenuating circumstances.
I. The executive body shall consist of:
A. President
B. Vice President
C. Secretary
D. Treasurer
E. Auditor
F. Mr. and Ms. ISA

II. Each executive shall hold a position for at least one-year consisting of two semesters.
III. One student shall hold one position at a time.
IV. In order to serve as a member of the executive committee, students are required to be official and current students of Kentucky State University holding a membership for at least one semester with the association.
V. The position of Mr. and Ms. ISA can be held by incoming members.
VI. In the fall, we shall elect Mr. and Ms. ISA for our homecoming court
VII. At the end of each Spring, we shall hold elections/ appointments of a sitting leadership body to allow the ISA to continue into the next year.

Roles of Executive Committee member:
Each officer must be able to fulfill the following responsibilities, respectively. Failure to accomplish these may result in impeachment, depending upon the circumstances.

a. To preside over all meetings, as well as have an agenda prepared for it.
b. Fairly provide and facilitate debates, no matter personal opinion.
c. Shall keep track of, and call all meetings of the general committee.
d. Shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization with the assistance of the rest of the executive committee.

a. Shall take on the responsibilities of the president in his/her absence.
b. Assists the President directly in the running of the organization

a. Issues all calls or notices of meetings.
b. Designated to write correspondence on behalf of the executive committee.
c. Shall keep record of business covered during meetings.
d. Shall keep record of attendance to all meetings.

a. Responsible for receiving and distribution of funds at the direction of the executive committee.
b. Shall keep and report a detailed monthly record of the organizations finances or at the request of the executive committee.

a. Evaluate the statements and check for errors and consistency of the club’s finances, independent of the treasurer’s.
b. Audit report is due the following meeting after the Treasurer’s report
c. Shall keep track of counting vote counts.

Mr. & Ms. ISA:
a. To act as ambassadors on behalf of the organization.
b. Shall participate in homecoming activities on behalf of the organization.
Article II: Subcommittees
I. In the case of special event, subcommittees can be formed in order to assist the present executive body
a. Members of these subcommittees are expected to give their full support in assisting the organization.
b. At least one executive member should be the available to assist or head the subcommittee.

Article III: Membership

a. Membership is open to all students enrolled at Kentucky State University.
b. All members are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.
c. Every member’s opinion matters and can be expressed in a civilized manner at the appropriate time.
d. No one is to address or identify any member by his or her race, ethnicity or religion.
e. Only active members are eligible to hold office or participate in any elections.
f. To remain active for any given semester, a member shall have at least a fifty percent attendance rate for normal scheduled meetings and be current in payment of their membership dues.
g. The membership fee will be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the general membership.
h. No member shall represent, enter into any contract or transact any business on behalf of the ISA without the consent of the Executive Committee or two thirds (2/3) of the general body.
i. Each member shall be provided a copy of the constitution upon registration.
j. All decisions shall be made final by democratic process with the counsel of the faculty advisor.

Article IV: Meetings

a. Meetings shall be held every other week of the fall and spring Semester.
b. The meeting begins with the President calling the meeting to order.
c. Meetings shall be held in an orderly and amicable manner at all times.
d. There shall only be one person speaking at a time.
e. Every speaker shall be accorded the respect to express their opinion on the motion being debated.
f. The meeting concludes when the President dismisses the meeting.

Article V: Elections

a. A member becomes a candidate for office after being nominated by an active member.
b. Elections shall be held during the last meeting of the spring Semester.
c. Voting shall be conducted to elect members of the Executive Committee.
d. An officer is elected by a simple majority of votes counted.
e. Voting shall be conducted by show of hands.
The Auditor shall be responsible for counting and recording the votes


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