Kentucky State International Students' Association

Our President's Welcome 

Welcome to the International Student Association (ISA) at Kentucky State University. ISA has been an integral part of KSU since 1987. The diverse background of our membership is a wealth that adds to the rich experience KSU students are exposed to here on campus.

Our vision is to showcase the diversity of this university and foster a greater understanding between local and international students.

 Membership is open to students of all nationalities.This website contains information about our organization and our activities. We hope you find the experience of visiting this website pleasant enough to join our cause.

Happy browsing!

Yankuba Banda



"The World Under One Umbrella"

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"In the I.S.A., I get to hang out with different people from around the world"

Wei, China

"ISA is very welcoming"


"I like the fact that I get to meet so many people from all over the world. It's exciting!"

-Bobby, Ethiopia


"Great work in the making!" 

-Ebony, Lexington KY

" Very serviceable and inspiring"

-Namar, U.S.A.

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